Ultrasonic Welding Machine

High Volume Automotive Ultrasonic Welding Station


AGI designed and built this machine for high volume automotive supplier. We are welding together plastic parts and Thinsulate™ sound deadening material.

  • Operator will load component parts into the polished nests on the machine
  • The part is raised into the weld position 
  • The Telsonic™ closed loop ultrasonic welding horns make the welds on the plastic tabs and secure the Thinsulate™ to the component 
    • Telsonic™ has closed loop energy monitoring technology to ensure every weld is consistent
  • Cameras inspect the Thinsulate™ welds to ensure they are present
  • This machine follows our load and unload processes by securing a completed good part with vacuum in the upper portion of the machine 
  • The table then lowers without the finished part so the operator can load a new part and continue the cycle.
  • The operator activates a foot switch which releases the vacuum and remove the finished part

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