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AGI is committed to delivering a superior stencil. By using the finest Stainless Steel and Fine Grain metals coupled with our pure oxygen atmosphere, we consistently produce a stencil that will maximize throughput and yields. Quality awareness of aperture designs, correct material thickness and reliable fiducial placement will produce the optimum material deposit and alignment for your print process. AGI’s proven track record of quality products and on time delivery will ensure a quality product delivered to meet your needs. We have Lasers located in Tampa and Huntsville to ensure your stencil is shipped on time.

AGI will never use a recycled frame!

Close up of Step Weld

Close up of the Weld 

Close up of the Transition

Features and Benefits

We offer Mesh Mount, Vector Guard, and other frameless technologies.

  • Our T11 Lasers in Huntsville and Tampa have 3D Stencil Welding capability and Large 59" Stencils
  • We offer Laser Cut Stainless Steel and Fine Grain SS for Improved Paste Transfer Efficiency
  • Laser Cut Nickel stencils.
  • 24 hour turn times for Laser Cut Stencils!
  • 3D Step Stencils on squeegee side to solve AR issues, and PCB side provide relief
  • All Stencils can have Laser Engraving including QR on the Foil or the Frame
  • All stencils thicknesses are verified and documented on CoC
  • We provide SPI files and Check Plots with every Stencil
  • Pitch limit: sub 100um aperture; 50 um gap.
  • Stencil thickness: 50um - 400um
  • Cutting accuracy: +/- 5um over entire print area.
  • To be +/- 7% stated thickness (mm)
  • Input data: Gerbers, HPGL, DPF or AGI can scan direct from PCB.
  • 100% inspection, post manufacture.
  • We have the capability to do full size LED Stencils - 59" x 29"

AGI Wall Shots with Pure Oxygen Cutting

With AGI’s state of the art lasers and software, we are able to produce the smoothest apertures, without any post processing. In addition, AGI uses the cleanest process gas for cutting stencils. Using Pure Oxygen has helped to create consistent smooth and clean aperture walls for all of our stencils, without any Post Processing.


See the electron microscope images of our walls. These were taken without any post processing, fresh off the laser. The images on the bottom were taken at 500x and with pure oxygen cutting gas. 

Data and Analysis courtesy of Nextek Inc


SPI data confirms that Fine Grain Stainless (RED) can perform as well or better than Nano Coatings (GOLD) down to .55 Aspect Ratio

Precision Chemical Etching for Full Reverse Etch Relief Stencils

Many of  our customers have worked with AGI to solve the problem of 'thick' solder resist, or silk screen to improve the 'seal of the stencil to the PCB. The benefit is to reducing bleed out of solder paste especially with fine pitch parts. We typically relieve the PCB side of the stencil about 1mil deep. With our precision chemical etch alignment process, we can etch up to the fine pitch apertures within 4 mils reliably. 

FullReverseEtch FullReverseEtch Full Reverse Etch 2

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