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Being in the Southeast, we have developed our Test Systems to meet the needs of the High Volume EMS and Automotive electronics market we serve. Automotive testing is very rigorous as High Volumes, Reliability and Repeatability are paramount. As the Automotive EMS Modules have expanded through the vehicle, safety and Cyber Security are critical. We have grown with that industry standard the capabilities needed to meet Cyber security, adding mistake proofing and serial pairing with flash softer. We have a complete staff of electrical and software engineers to provide with a complete solution. Our Test fixtures are designed to withstand hundreds of thousands cycles and reliably operate for years and years.

Low-Cost Manual Test Jig                                

AGI Board Level Z Gate Fixture and Kits.pdf

  • AGI has developed this Low-Cost Manual Test jig for low volume/high mix. Ideal for NPI or engineering labs.
  • Easy change overs with lift off bottom fixture and (4) screws to remove the top press down plate.
  • Top plate and bottom fixture are aligned with SS locating pins.
  • Stripper plates are possible, request from AGI test engineer.
  • Fixtures can accommodate a 10 x 13" PCB

Jig is sold separately                     

  • Dims 17" W x 16" D x 17.5" Tall
  • 4" Open Area Between PCB and Top Plate                                          

Fixture kits can be purchased blank and you finish them your self

Kits include:                     

  • Top plate made from Lexan with 2 bushings
  • Bottom plate from G-10, with 2 SS locating pins and sheet aluminum sides

Functional Board Level and Final PCB Assembly Test Solutions

AGI has been providing Functional board level and Final test fixtures to the EMS industry for over 15 years! There are many solutions and approaches all based upon the scope of work and budget our customers are needing. Our Engineers will meet with you to determine the best solution to meet your needs. We typically use proven off the shelf reliable test fixture kits, like SEMCO, so you can be of assured of a reliable, repeatable and easy to maintain fixture.

  • One of the most common are the Z-gate Fixtures.
  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • Precision bottom side probes
  • Compact size for minimal space requirements
  • Reversible handle for left or right hand operation
  • Floating top plate ensures accurate targeting each cycle
  • Custom connector interface on rear panel


Z-gate Fixture with Dual UUT Nests

  • Precision Top and Bottom Side Probes
  • Fine pitch down to 0.39” centers
  • Transfer probes to route top access connections into fixture pan for easy and reliable terminations
  • VPC G12 modular, reconfigurable interface on rear
  • Ideal for commercial, contract manufacturing, automotive, and other high-volume testing environments
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Manual ejector for high insertion connectors


Z-gate Fixture with Dual UUT Nests

  • Connector saver cables for interconnects that do not allow probe access
  • Integrated universal light probes to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective test of color and brightness of LEDs
  • Floating top plate ensures accurate targeting each cycle
  • Custom connector interface on rear panel



Automated Functional Test Fixture for Automotive Controller 

  • Automated Gate for Robot UUT Placement
  • Optical Sensor for UUT Presence
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner
  • Dual UUT Pneumatic Engagement
  • Complex Wiring with Over 200 Probes
  • GR2270 Interface on Rear Panel

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