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AGI Corporation designs and manufactures assembly tooling and test fixtures used in the electronics assembly and manufacturing processes.

From Wave Solder and Selective Solder Pallets, SMT Fixtures, Screen Printer Tooling, Press Fit Tooling, Feeder and Stencil Storage Carts, Final Assembly Tooling, Final/Functional Test Fixtures and Build to Print Services, AGI produces highest quality products backed by world-class customer service.
AGI is proud to introduce the production of Laser Cut Stainless Steel and Nickel, Chemical Etch and Additive Electroformed Stencils for your SMT production. As a franchise of DEK we use the state of the art DEK T8 Laser and proven DEK quality systems, software automation and supply chain.






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AGI COVID-19 Status

June Update

Valued Customers and Suppliers of AGI Corporation,

AGI is currently operating under normal operational conditions with modifications to some processes to safeguard our Associates during this COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have plans to visit AGI, you must talk to your AGI contact prior to arrival to discuss Visitor requirements.

For the foreseeable future we will use our website as a source of status information for our customers and suppliers.

  • We can provide a variety of Test Fixtures to suit your every need!

    Please visit our
    Test Fixtures
    page for a full description of the products we offer.

  • MankinoEDMupdated

    See the latest  happening at AGI! We have just added a new Makino SP43 wire EDM to our machining capabilities!

  • 3-D Machine Stencil

    AGI introduces 3-D Stencils!

    Check out our new 3-D machine stencils capable of step downs, step reliefs, step ups, all capable of being machined with our new Mazak Milling machine.

  • AGI’s Oxygen Cutting for Stencils

    AGI’s Oxygen Cutting for Stencils

    AGI uses oxygen in its entire stencil cutting process. It is a superior clean air that produces the highest quality of cuts which creates smooth walls with easy paste release.

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