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AGI designs and manufactures assembly tooling used in virtually all aspects of the electronics assembly process. Some of these tools are: Solder Pallets, Screen Printer Fixtures, Press Fit Tooling, Feeder and Storage Carts and Final Assembly Tooling.

To ensure you get your tooling on time, our manufacturing facilities run 2 shifts during the week. We are committed to total customer satisfaction.

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The Management Team at AGI Corporation


Our Team


Todd Gilmore -   President | 256-489-1402 Kent Wilkerson-   Mfg Manager|256-489-1408
Chad Petty-   Engineering Manager|256-489-1403 Hans Ruoss - General Manager
Candie Legowski -   Office Manager | 256-489-1405 Jason Putman-   Stencil Product Manager|256-489-1432
Amy Buford-  Sales  / Marketing |256-489-1422 Tim Owen -   Florida Branch Manager | 813-343-3007
Kasie Gulley -  Purchasing | 256-489-1407 Kevin Taylor-   Designer|256-489-1533
Jason Thompson-   Project Manager | 256-489-1409  Jeff Bradshaw-   Designer|256-489-1511

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