Lean Manufacturing Principles and Low Cost Automation (LCA)

Over the years of working with the leading Automotive Electronics Manufacturers, AGI has learned the benefits of LCA and Lean Manufacturing Principles. The benefits of this approach:

  • Significantly Lower Capital Equipment Costs
  • Flexibility To Re Tool Or Have Quick Change Tooling For Product Variation
  • Fully Utilize Operator
  • Reduce Floor Space Reduces Down Time (Muda)
  • Lower Level Of Technician Support

AGI's experienced desigers offer customers a high level of documentation at all levels.

  • Bill of Materials
  • State Diagram
  • Flow Diagram
  • Electrical Design

Example of AGI's high level of mechanical assembly drawings:

Examples of AGI Automation for Assembly and Test

Innovative Snorkel Design for Mating Connectors

  • Design In Keying Features For Proper Alignment And Automation Features Such As Chamfering For Stack Up Tolerances
  • Floating Designs. Probe Assembly Moves With Mating Connector For Proper Alignment
  • Compliance Built-in With Springs Or Pneumatics
  • Ideal For Testing Multiple Product Models On The Same Platform

PCB Level Functional Tester

  • Automated Start With Light Curtain Safety
  • Interchangeable Quick Change Nest For Different Models
  • 5.7” Touch Panel Display
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner
  • Screw Detection Using Optical Sensors
  • Pneumatic Press For Bottom And Side Access

Camshaft Sensor Insertion Machine

  • A&B Controls And HMI, Optical Touch Start
  • Material Part Shute And Slot Sensor Reject Shute
  • Thru-beam Sensor For Proper Part Placement
  • (4) Pneumatic Actions For Assembly Completion
  • 80/20 Frame With ESD Surface And Antistatic Connection

Stepper Motor and Speaker Assembly Station

  • Assists Operator In The Insertion Of The Stepper Motors and Speakers Into PCB Assembly
  • Pneumatic Grippers To Compress The Stepper And Speaker Tabs Prior To Insertion
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner And Part Present Sensors
  • Gate Locks During Testing Process To Ensure Failed Parts Are Properly Displaced. Buzzer Will Sound And Operator Must Acknowledge Failure By Pressing Button
  • Omron PLC For Controls And Touch Panel Display

In-line Shorts & Opens Tester

  • Standard Conveyor System With SEMA Communications
  • Mitsubishi Controls With Proface Display
  • Light Tower For Machine Status
  • Linear Guided Pneumatic Press To Engage Over 250 Probes With Precision Accuracy
  • NEMA Enclosure For All Controls
  • Side Access Doors With Safety Interlocks For Ease Of Maintenance

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