AGI, a winning team since 1994, cares about providing solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Our pallet designs, as well as our company, are built around meeting today’s process engineering needs. Our goal is to design and build a solution that will give you:

  • Highest yields with the largest process window possible.

  • Easy to use tooling that will survive your manufacturing environment.

  • Fastest delivery times possible

Features and Benefits

Wave solder pallets offer many advantages to the cost conscious Process Engineer. These advantages can usually pay back in a few weeks with cost savings and improved yields. By deploying a double reflow process, you can maximize your yields through the wave solder process. Other advantages are:

  • Step Cutting, also known as pocketing, on the top side for larger surface mount components, leaves more material in place for rigidity.

  • By leaving a radius in the inner seal wall, we can reliably machine the wall down to .030" thick without sacrificing strength. (0.050" - 0.075" typical seal wall thickness)

  • Combining the benefits of multi-angle chamfering, we can achieve the maximum possible process window.

  • Bottom side Pressure Relieving improves solder flow by reducing the "Z" height and allowing the wave time to stabilize.

  • Utilizing the back pressure created from the flow of solder, AGI's design can help force solder in to light openings.

  • All hold downs are injection molded and made from high temperature, ESD safe plastic. AGI guarantees the hold downs for the life of the pallet!

  • AGI does not tap the composite for hold down installation. All hold downs are installed metal to metal to ensure a reliable and long lasting fixture.

  • We only use 316 Grade Stainless Steel hardware on our pallets. This eliminates solder build up on the hardware.


Fundamentals of Design: Selective Solder Pallets.

  • The simplest way to design and build a selective solder pallet is to select the tallest bottom side SMD and pocket to that depth. This is perfectly acceptable for a PCB with only small package passives on the bottom and ample space around PTH components. 

  • For Complex PCB's, the previous method is not optimal. AGI's unique ability to "contour" the pallet to the PCB, creates the largest possible process window and allows PTH locations in very tight areas to be exposed to solder.


Pallet Design Guidelines.pdf


Download Wave Solder Pallet Data Sheet.pdf

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