AGI has been developing the perfect wave profiling and characterization tool for many years. Through this effort we have found that many customers need the temperature measurements and software analysis obtained by their profiling tools such as "KIC ® , ECD Mole ® and Data Paq ®". However, the need for a simple and visual device for quick reference is also required.

AGI's Wave Profiler Pallet allows you to measure the height and parallelism of the wave nozzle. With our laser etched wave glass you can quickly measure the contact area of the wave. The pallet gives you a place to locate your profile unit.

* Check with your profiler tool and software to verify it has wave solder profile capability. NOTE: pallet does not include T/C's and profiler tool.

Features and Benefits

  • AGI’s Wave profiling pallet allows you to measure the height of the Wave Nozzle! Pallet includes (2) wave nozzle height slides with inscribed height measurements.
  • Standard Pallet widths of 16” and 20” with custom sizes per request.
  • (6) Pre-drilled .050” diameter holes to imbed your thermo couples, if needed.
  • Dedicated area to mount your profiling tool, specify, “KIC ®, ECD ® or DataPaq ®.
  • Includes 1/8” thick AGI Wave Glass, for visual wave contact measurement and verification. New wave glass requires no pre-heating! Includes grid pattern laser-etched into the glass for wave alignment.
  • Titanium fingers on 2 sides.

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