AGI offers three Canopy systems for the PCB manufacturer who needs to hold down and/or align components, connectors or mask openings in the pallet, during the Wave Solder process. Which approach is best for your application depends upon the ergonomics of your application, and the proximity and types of components you need to hold down. All of our canopy systems feature our Slam Latch. The latch allows for an easy snap in place and  release,  without  the  repetitive motion of rotary hold downs.  The latch is a spring loaded mechanism, and is injection molded from our high temperature ESD safe plastics for long life.

Hinged Canopy

Features our Slam Latches for easy snap in place. The canopy may include radiused  
plungers to reduce any binding as the lid is swung into position.  This type of canopy is best for; holding down the PCB, or masking the PCB and connector hold downs that are located greater than 4” – 6” from the hinge point.


AGI’s Canopies are typically fitted with tooling to properly seat and align connectors, capacitors and other components that need to be secured, orientated or aligned, during the wave solder process.  Consult with your AGI Sales Representative to find out which approach is best for your application.


Foreign Material Reduction

AGI has canopy designs that completely enclose the top side of the PCB. This reduces FM while promoting good thermal flow for pre heat. Made with durable materials:

  • Composed of two materials: G-10 and PEEK Mesh

  • Peek Mesh is a Heat Resistant mesh. it is used to prevent debris from falling on PCBs while still allowing good thermal flow and mass reduction of the canopy.

  • Slam Latch and "S" Hooks used to lock the canopy in place employ a one handed motion to open and close.


One Hand Operation Canopy Latches

AGI has canopy desings for 1 handed operations:

  • Slam Latch, is a rugged machined aluminum latch with tough GE plastics for no metal on metal. Squeeze or lift up to open designs, customer preference.

  • Hook Latch, used when multiple latching points are needed or due to space constraints. This latch is designed with a common pull or lift bar. 

  • 2 grades of hinges. Hard anodized aluminum for medium duty, or stainless steel for heavy duty. Stainless steel pin that can be removed for easy maintenance

  • Plastic hinge to prevent metal on metal.



Removable Canopy

This is our lowest cost approach and gives the user  the  ability  to  create  true vertical motion. The canopy  can be locked in place with either Rotators  (shown)  or  our  Slam Latches  for easy  snap  in  place.  The  canopy  is keyed to ensure  it  is  in  position prior  to  touching any components.

  • Plungers are made from high temperature injection molded ESD safe plastics.

  • Variable spring rates to achieve the force needed; available from 1/2 - 12 pound spring rate.

  • Optional bronze bushings and stainless steel shafts for smoother operation.

  • AGI will design and manufacture custom component hold downs as needed to ensure alignment of proper hold down specifications are maintained. 



Plungers and Hold Downs

All of our canopies are designed to hold down and or align components, connectors, or mask openings in the pallet. 

  • High temp injection molded ESD safe plastic plungers.

  • Variable spring rates to achieve the force needed.

  • Option bronze bushings and stainless steel shafts for smoother operation

  • Special component hold downs designed per application to ensure alignment or proper hold down specifications are maintained.


Pop-Up Hinged Canopy

Eliminates the problems associated with the angular  loading  of the component hold down tooling due to the fixed hinge point.  The pop-up  mechanism keeps the canopy up above the components  after  it has been swung over.  This allows the canopy to be  closed,  engaging the components,  in a true vertical motion.  The operator  simply  presses  downward  and  the  canopy  is locked into place with the two Slam Latches. This approach ensures that no  binding  occurs  and  the  components  on  the  PCB  are correctly seated and aligned with a true vertical motion.


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