AGI, a winning team since 1994, cares about providing solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Our pallet designs, as well as our company, are built around meeting today’s process engineering needs. Our goal is to design and build a solution that will give you:

  • Highest yields with the largest process window possible.

  • Easy to use tooling that will survive your manufacturing environment.

  • Reducing Pallet cost by machining in the locating pins from Aluminum.

  • Fastest delivery times possible.

Features and Benefits

AGI manufactures Conformal Coat Pallets! We machine these pallets from Aluminum for easy clean up and maintenance. These Pallets can help lower your operation cost. Other advantages are:

  • Conveyor Fingers and PCB centered within the pallet for Flip Operation, same 'Z' height.

  • Our design typically touches the PCB in just the four corners to minimize material contamination.

  • Pallet pulls away from the product about 3/8'' to minimize overspray on the pallet.

  • Machined in Aluminum locating pins for registration. We offer optional Bolt in Place SS pins.

  • We use our extended Rotary hold downs, to prevent coating from getting the mechanism.

  • AGI offers an optional "Green Teflon" Coating, baked on for a long life and easy clean up.


Adjustable Conformal Coat Pallets

AGI also offers Adjustable Conformal Coat Pallets! Our Standard Sizes include: 14” x 16” which can accommodate a PCB up to 10” x 12” & 18” x 18” that can accommodate a PCB up to 14” x 14” Other advantages include:
  • Board hold-downs will accomodate a .031.-093'' thick PCB.
  • One-piece constructions eiminates Seams, Racking, and Loosening in corners.
  • Rails feature AGI's unique adjustable sliding PCB Support Blocks
  • Sliding design allows the user to position the hold-downs anywhere along hte PCB edge.
  • PCB support edges are .062" wide.
  • AGI's step cut allows connectors to overhang the PCB edge up to 3/8''.
  • Step cut depth is for .06'' thick PCB.
  Download Conformal Coat Pallet Data Sheet.pdf

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