AGI now manufactures Titanium Selective Solder Pallets utilized for difficult wave soldering applications.  These applications include PCB’s that are designed with plated through hole components in very close proximity to bottom side

SMD’s.  By machining titanium vs. composites, AGI can achieve ‘seal walls’ down to .020 inches thick standard and as small as .015 inches thick over short distances.

AGI Corp’s design is based upon machining a single piece of titanium to match the PCB and incorporate that into a composite pallet frame.  By doing this, the heat is distributed evenly across the PCB during the solder process. By avoiding using small titanium inserts screwed to the pallet; we avoid the issues of leaking, alignment and thermal mismatch. The composite frame runs much cooler than the titanium coming out of the wave, so it is easier to handle or convey after soldering. The titanium pallet design includes many of the proven AGI designs for low defect wave soldering.

Features and Benefits

  • Machined Titanium Inserts are commonly used in tight areas.
  • For small complex PCBs we offer a (1) piece Titanium design which prevents leaks and alignment issues.
  • Composite frame reduces thermal load in wave, cooler and lighter.
  • Seal Walls down to .020 inches thick standard.
  • Seal Walls down to .015 inches thick for short distances.
  • Titanium ensures long life for high volume applications.
  • Ideal for soldering very challenging mixed technology boards.

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