VectorGuard is a single frame stencil system developed for high yield printing processes. It employs a single frame to which many different foils can then be loaded and interchanged into the frame. Mesh mounted stencils can wear and over time lose tension, but with the VectorGuard system you get consistent results with your stencil.

  • Evently distrubted tension across the entire stencil.

  • No epoxy bonds that can degrade or break down over time, increasing cost efficiency.

  • Greatly reduces stencil storage requirements.

  • Alignment is automatic, minimising training and reducing mounting time.

VectorGuard™ High Tension

High Tension has been designed to deliver superb performance and process control for highly miniaturized devices and ultra-fine-pitch geometries.

  • Better transfer efficiency for miniaturised components

  • Excellent solder paste deposition definition.

  • Long term integrity with minimal tension degredation.

  • Compatibility with existing VectorGuard system and foils.


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