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AGI designs and builds router fixtures for the most popular router machines on the market.  There is no better way to depanel a printed circuit board than with a PCB Router coupled with AGI's tooling fixtures. AGI strongly encourages customers to use Under Board Vacuum as this enables AGI to design our fixtures that will isolate the router dust so it cannot deposit on the PCB and no PCB hold downs or Lid are needed. We design and manufacture fixtures for virtually all router companies such as: Sayaka, Cencorp, IPTE, ASYS and CTI.

Features and Benefits

The answer for hassle-free PCB depaneling through the employment of a router bit that minimizes stress on components. The high-speed spindles offer typical router bit cutting speeds (50mm per second) Routers also allow for flexible panel designs with various cutting patterns.

  • Fixtures are manufactured from 6061 Aluminum Plate.
  • Our masking design completely isolate bottom side PCB components from dust created while routing.
  • Fixture designed to support PCB during route process and provide clearance for router bit.
  • Fixture includes locating pins or bosses for every piece of the PCB panel.
  • We use bolt in tapered stainless steel locating pins for long life and serviceable.
  • Corner guides for easy loading and unloading to prevent knocked off parts.
  • To get your tooling started, we need gerber data for your PCB, with panel and or drill drawing, some ideas on the maximum component height for the bottom side. We can typically have a quote for you within hours!

Trays and Hold Down Lids

  • For multi up PCB's we have a Removable Tray feature which allows the operator to remove all PCB's and scrap material at once.
  • Removable trays allow operators to quickly discard scrap rails and sort PCBs offline while router cuts second tray.
  • Trays can be made from formed stainless steel or machined composites.
  • Hold Down Lids are typically machined composite or Stainless Steel and secure the PCB down in the fixture during cutting. Typically, these are Lift Off type. 

Fixture shown with Stainless Tray and Composite Lid


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