Screw Tightening Jig

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AGI has a variety of solutions to hold the PCB and connector precisely together for screw tightening and protecting the PCB from damage. Our Screw Tightening jigs locate and hold the connector in position, securing it against the PCB, while masking the PCB. This ensures no damage to the circuit board and perfect connector alignment and repeatability.

Features and Benefits

  • Screw guides are available to prevent any PCB damage from torque tool bit. They also guide the bit to the screw location. These can be made from Plastic, or SS.
  • We can design with Hinged or Removable Top tooling to locate and capture connector. 
  • Tooling can be designed for manual operation or be incorporated with your Automated Robotic Screw Driving cell.
  • We have a variety of solutions to fit any budget.
  • To get your tooling started, we need gerber data of your PCB, Drawings of the Connectors to be installed and some information about the screw driving method. 
  • AGI is also an Integrator for many of the top screw driving and feeder companies, such as ASG, Visumatic and Webber Systems  

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