Vision Inspection

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AGI’s has many solutions for vision applications, and we have integrated with many of the vision component companies, such as Keyence™, COGNEX™, Banner™, FEASA™, OptoMistic™ and many others. Below are some of the many solutions we have out in the field running in high volume manufacturing

Poka-Yoke Inspection Station

Poka-Yoke or "Mistake Proofing" are a common low-cost solution to ensure every part that leaves the assembly station was built correctly. The goal of the Poka-Yoke Station is to create a system that can detect mistakes and verify they are corrected before the part can be removed from the assembly station. These defects can be imperfections in the manufacturing process, foreign material, missing components or incomplete insertion of the component in the assembly.

Our poka-yoke solutions are designed to detect and prevent errors in a mass production system. We identify product defects by inspecting for physical attributes, such as:

  • product shape or size
  • product color
  • product orientation or height

Final Appearance Vision Systems

More complex inspection machines can incorporate electrical testing with vision cameras, laser scanning sensors, FEASA™ sensors or many other devices to capture more value in the test process and reduce your cost.  This machine provides Automated function testing with LED verification, Vision to inspect conformal coating and laser scanning sensor to measure the heights of components to ensure they are seated properly. Components Include:

  • 20 channel LED inspection with FEASA™ Sensors, see more below.
  • Single axis IAI™ actuator with absolute encoder for precise UUT positioning.
  • Keyence™ CV-X™ camera system and Lumitrax™ multi-spectrum lighting for conformal coat and connector pin inspection.
  • (2) pneumatic actuators for UUT engagement with mating connectors.
  • Proface HMI for operator interface and biometric scanner for failed UUT disposition.

LED Inspection Capabilities


  • AGI solutions for testing LED’s mounted on populated PCB’s
  • AGI integrates FEASA™ TM LED technology for the Automotive and Commercial Industries
  • Multiple simultaneous LED inspection for color and brightness in 3, 5, 10 and 20 channel configurations
  • Analyzers combined to inspect up to 600 LED’s
  • Capable of Testing Individual LEDs as Close as 1.0mm Center to Center
  • Here is an example system we did for a high volume automotive company:
  • LED Functional Test Fixture
  • 16 channel LED inspection
  • Pneumatic engagement of UUT
  • Keyence IV™ camera system to inspect pins for deflection, bent or non compliant pitch
  • Interchangeable fixture design to accommodate multiple UUT’s
  • IAI™ actuator for Z-Axis

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